Skype - (With support of e-Pals) - Stephanie

Summary: Students will be in small groups and will pared with other students from foreign countries (each small group will have the same book, but a different country) over skype and they will compare fairy-tales from america and the other country they interacted with. We will then come together as a whole class and share our results with each other.

Literacy (reading & communication) Standard:
3rd grade 2.1.a.iii: Recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures; determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain how it is conveyed through key details in the text. (CCSS: RL.3.2)

ABCD Objective:
Audience: 3rd graders
Behavior: Comparing and contrasting different fairytales from around the world
Condition: In the classroom, in small groups, on a computer using Skype
Degree: Be able to fin 5 similarities and at least 4 differences between each fairlytale.

ISTE: Communication and Collaboration is used in this lesson by having students "develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures". By having your students communicate with students from around the world and sharing the same fairytale, both students are broadening their cultural awareness. The students will get to see that even though everyone might be reading "Cinderella", both stories may not be identical.
BLOOMS: Comprehension, Analysis and Evaluation are three types of Bloom's Taxonomy used in this lesson. Comprehension is used because kids need to comprehend what they are reading (plot, characters, etc.). Analysis is used by having the students distinguish between fairlytales from their country and that of the other country. Evaluation is also used at the end of this lesson because students will have to summarize and justify their results to the rest of the class.

Overview: Skype is an online video tool that can be used for video calls, conferencing or social interactions. You go to
and you can download Skype create an account for free. You will create a username and password, and be able to add friends across the world! Teachers must make an e-pals account to connect with other teachers to find classrooms around the world to read with! Make an account, and search for teachers.

~ Teacher creates e-pal account and finds 5-8 other teacher form other countries that have students are interested in reading fairytales from their country. (the other country's class will be divided up into small groups too)
~ Your class and the other countries decide on one fairlytale to read
~ Divide you class into 5-8 groups (depending on how many countries you have)
~ Have students discuss in their small groups if they predict any differences between their book and their partner-country's book.
~ Have each group sign onto Skype with their country
~ Have USA and other country both read their fairytales (taking turns)
~ Compare and contrast how they are similar/ different
~ Sign off of Skype
~ Come together as a whole class and share what you found. Discuss anything that surprised you or you thought were neat (This would be how I would assess their learning and if they grasped the idea).

Added Value of technology: Skype allows children to video chat with other students from all around the world. They will read fairytales to each other, and will be able to see how they are similar/different. Although we might be able to use kids from within our school from other countries, it broadens our possibilities, and give the students a new experience, not to mention adds technology into the classroom. E-Pals (for the teacher to use),allows for the teacher to connect with other teachers around the world seeking reading partners/pen-pals/ Skype buddies/etc. The teacher will be able to connect with almost any country, as long as they have a teacher seeking connections

What I learned: I always knew about Skype and that you could connect with people across the world, however I did not know about E-pals. E-pals makes connecting with other countries that much easier. It also helps narrow down by grade level and make sure both teachers are looking for the same thing. I do not understand why more teachers do not use this tool!