Prezi: Amanda Lock


Students will work in small groups on creating their Prezi presentations. Students will choose a total of 4 different cultures, as well as their own culture and research those cultures. The teacher will provide the students with helpful links, books, and other information. As students are researching their information, they will research different characteristics of the cultures. For example, they might research things such as what people eat, wear, and what is valuable to people in that certain culture. This is a very student- centered activity and students are able to research and provide information to the class that is interesting and important to them, which deal with the different cultures. As students are finished gathering their information on the different cultures, they will make their Prezi presentation with pictures that they got off the Internet, and/or words that describe their research. We will then come together as a class, and students will have the chance to share and talk about their Prezi presentation. Students will also have the chance to notice the similarities and differences between all the different cultures.

Social Studies Standard:
1st grade 2.a: Discuss common and unique characteristics of different cultures using multiple sources of information (DOK 1-2)

ABCD Objective:
Audience: 1st Graders
Behavior: After researching different characteristics and information on 4 different cultures, around the world, as well as their own culture, create a Prezi presentation.
Condition: Using common resources in groups of 2 and after researching important and interesting information on different cultures around the world.
Degree: Find and include at least 3 important information or interesting facts from each of the 5 different cultures around the world.

ISTE Nets/ Blooms:

ISTE Nets: Communication and Collaboration is used in this lesson by having students discuss and determine which cultures they are interested in researching about. Students also are able to communicate what they thought were important and interesting information about the different cultures. By having students communicate and share their Prezi presentations to the class, allowed them and other students to notice and talk about similarities and differences within the different cultures that were presented.

Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, and Evaluation are the levels of Blooms Taxonomy, which is used in this lesson. Knowledge is used because students need to be knowledgeable about the different cultures that are around the world, in order to complete the Prezi presentation. Comprehension is used because students need to comprehend what information or facts are important and deal with the different cultures that they chose to research. Analysis is used because students are distinguishing information or facts from their culture and from other cultures uses analysis. Evaluation is also used at the end of this lesson because students will summarize their research on different cultures, into a Prezi presentation and will share and discuss it with the class.


Prezi is a computer program designed to display media in a presentation format. It is a cloud- based presentation software that features a unique “zooming” technique, and it allows presenting different information to be more engaging and fun. Many power points are not fun and interesting to see information on because it just goes slide by slide. However, Prezi is much more exciting because it allows children to express their creativity because they are able to personalize their presentation in any way that they choose.


1. Teacher creates Prezi accounts, that way children are able to access it and make their Prezi presentations.
2. Divide students up into groups of 2.
3. Refresh students about different cultures.
4. Have each group of students think and decide on 4 different cultures, as well as their own that they would like to research about.
5. Log onto Prezi.
6. Explain to students that they will be making a Prezi presentation with the information that they have collected about the different cultures.
7. If students aren’t already familiar with Prezi, do a brief overview on it and allow students time to explore and get used to the tool.
8. Give students different resources that they can use, which relate to different cultures (these can be books, links to the internet, and so on).
9. Allow students plenty of time to research the different cultures. Explain that they are able to choose information or facts that they think are important or interesting about the cultures.
10. Allow students plenty of time to make their Prezi presentation.
11. Once everyone is finished, come together as a whole class and allow students to share their Prezi presentation. While students are sharing their presentation have them also talk about similarities and differences they found within the different cultures.
12. Allow other students to ask questions.
13. After all presentation, as a class, have the students discuss information or facts about different cultures that they thought were interesting or surprising.

Added Value of Technology:

Prezi allows both children and adults to present information to others in a fun and entertaining way. There are many times in elementary schools where students are asked to present a topic to the class. Most of the time teachers have students present their information through a power point. Having children present their information through a power point “gets the job done”. However, through power points students aren’t able to show and express their creativity. Instead, they are just pasting and copying information, slide by slide. But, with having students create a presentation through Prezi, students are able to personalize their presentation and be as creative as they want. Each Prezi presentation that students share with their class is all going to be different and unique in their special ways. When students are finished with their final Prezi presentation, they are most likely going to feel proud of themselves for finishing something that they have created on their own. Through the tool of Prezi, students are also able to publish their video onto the Internet for others to view. This is great because students can access their video at home at show their families, as well as showing their family members who live far away from them.

What I learned:

I have only seen one person show information through Prezi. After researching and learning more about Prezi, I don’t know why more schools are encouraging students to use Prezi, rather than power point. I never realized that Prezi allows students to personalize the format in any way that they want. I think this is great because it allows students to become independent and show their creativity, without the presentation looking just like everyone else’s. Using Prezi is 21st century teaching because it is allowing the students to collect information of a certain topic, and creating a final product through a tool (Prezi), which encourages and allows them to be creative. It is also 21st century teaching because it is a tool that allows the classroom to be student- centered because the teacher is allowing the students to create something on their own. Also, students aren’t just sitting in a chair all day with a pencil and a piece of paper, with the teacher lecturing. Instead, students are working in groups to create a tool (Prezi), in which shares information in a fun and engaging way.