Book Creator Kelsie Hinkle

Third Grade Oral Expression and Listening 1.a.
1. Oral communication is used both formally and informally
a. Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at an understandable pace.

Summary/ Abstract:
Students will write their own story and then use book creator to add picture and sound. They will be able to use the voice-over option to narrate their story. They will then be assessed on their word clarity and reading pace.

Audience: Third Grade
Behavior: Narrate their own personal story to show word clarity and reading pace.
Condition: Working individually in the classroom on iPads.
Degree: Be able to read an entire short story with clarity and at a smooth pace.

ISTE Standards:
Creativity and Innovation
b. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression
The students will be able to create their own story and make it into a book using pictures of their choosing. They will do this by using the tool book maker.
Knowledge: Basic recall of facts and data: times, dates, names, formulas, etc.
Synthesis: Presenting items or thoughts together in new ways, based on a presented criteria.
Students will use information that they already know to write a story and then present it using Book Maker.

Overview of the Technology Tool:
Book Maker is an app that can be downloaded onto ipads to create digital books. Students will be able to title their book and write their story on the ipad. They can also go in and add pictures and voice over to their books. Students will be allowed to change the layout of each page however they would like in order to fit their pictures and words. Once the book is done being created it can be opened using any e-reader. The books can then be sold on the Apple website.

Added Value of the Technology:
The use of technology in this lesson is significant because it will allow the teacher to be able to assess clarity and reading pace of each student while allowing them to be creative with the assignment. It also allows the teacher more time to sit and listen to each student carefully and maybe more than once if needed. Each student will be better assessed with the way that the technology is being used. Using this tool will also make it easier for the students. When they are doing these types of tests it is usually one on one with a teacher which can be intimidating. Using Book Maker will take the intimidation away enabling the students to show what they are really capable of.

Lesson and Assessment:
The students are to use their creativity to write a story. It can be made up, personal, factual, whatever they desire, the only rule is that the story must be at least 500 words long. The students will use Book Maker to put their book together. They will add pictures to their book as well as using the voice-over option to narrate their story. They will be assessed on the fluency of their reading. Students will be able to clearly read their own story with a steady pace.

What I Learned:
From this assignment I learned that there are other ways of assessing students than one on one tests with teachers. As a substitute teacher I have seen these tests take place. Each student is called up the the teacher's desk one by one to read a page of boring words so that the teacher can listen for clarity and reading pace. Using a tool like Book Maker would make this process more fun for the students and teacher. Students will be able to use their creativity to create a story of their own that they will narrate. I did not know that anything like this existed. I know that voice-over existed, but I never knew that it could be used at such a young age in such a fun way. This is a way to keep students interested in what they are doing without knowing that they are being assessed.